Email Marketing


Well designed, targeted and tracked Email Marketing can be very effective to either gain new customers or communicate to an existing customer base. Future Webs can provide a raft of Email Marketing Services from professionally designed Email’s through to complete email marketing management.

Emailed newsletters or e-shots are an inexpensive way of reaching your target audiences, communicating your key messages and putting recipients just one mouse click away from your website.

  How we can help…

  • We’ll design and build your email template for you, ensuring that it works in all the major email programs such as Outlook, Entourage, Apple Mail, Hotmail, Google Mail etc.
  • We will organise your existing email list or we can also help you with new mail lists specific to the companies you want to reach.
  • We’ll setup an account for you on an email software system, a feature rich platform that allows us to create, and analyse the results of your email marketing campaigns.
  • We provide you with a URL link and password so you are able to view your campaigns progress in real time, anywhere in the world.
  • We provide technical support and advice with any issues you may encounter

HTML Email Design can not only allow you to attract and gain new customers but also if done correctly increase revenue for your business. Future Webs have the expertise and experience to Design HTML Emails that will allow you to take full advantage of a range of Email Communication methods.

Our email software allows you to track your campaigns success in real time from anywhere in the world using a web browser.


Examples of our recent newsletter designs

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