Mobile Websites

There is no doubt that the mobile-age of the Internet is upon us,
with more and more people accessing the web on their mobiles,
smart phones and touch pads. It is almost inconceivable for
businesses not to have a mobile-friendly website.

Some interesting stats:

  • There are currently 4 billion mobile phones in use globally
  • 50% of local searches are carried out on mobile devices
  • 1.08 of these are smart phones
  • 86% of mobile Internet users are using their devices while watching TV
  • A third of Facebook’s 700 million users are using Facebook Mobile
  • Half of twitter’s 175 million users are using Twitter Mobile

Responsive Websites

Responsive design allows your website to easily adapt to smaller screen resolutions for smartphones and tablets, while still delivering a quality desktop user experience.

Responsive coding uses your current website content and adjusts it to suit. This method of making your site mobile friendly allows any updates made to your website to work across almost all mobile devices.

As more and more users move to mobile devices when they’re on the hunt for information, it’s essential that your website design is flexible enough to work across a number of platforms. We can offer you a simple solution, which will ensure that your customer’s experience on a smartphone is just as positive as it would be at their laptop.

Why invest in a mobile-friendly website?

The following graph shows the projection for global Internet use on Mobiles Devices Vs Desktop / Laptops. According to this data mobile internet use is expected to overtake traditional desktop and laptop Internet use by 2014.

Another important statistic to consider is that 50% of local searches are already carried out on mobile devices.




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