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SEO Plus – it’s the edge you’ve been looking for!

SEO is largely made up of producing content, both on and off your website. From the page content on the web pages being optimised, through to articles, blog posts and forum posts – the aim is to include your keywords in relevant content, all linked back to your web pages.

Many SEO companies do this very well, but without really thinking about that content. You may improve the search engine rankings of your keywords, but what happens when that success actually brings visitors to your website?

This is where the Plus works for you. At Future Webs all the content is also high quality sales copy. The content written for your web pages is structured with attention grabbing headings, content to motivate your visitors, and clear calls to action.

Once SEO work has brought visitors to your website, the content works hard to convert them to customers.

The content written to link to your website from elsewhere on the internet, such as articles and blogs, cannot be overt advertising, but it can be well written, relevant and on-message for your business. This means that as well as a valuable inbound link, that piece of work may well encourage a reader to come straight to you website, bring you direct traffic as well.

So SEO Plus gives you added value for your SEO investment. As well as improving your Search Engine rankings it helps convert visitors to customers and brings direct traffic.

Get in touch to discuss how SEO Plus could give your business the edge in your website marketing.

Get in touch to discuss how SEO Plus could give your business the edge it needs.
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