Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO has come a long way in the last few years, and the search engines (including Google) now really focus on high quality content to present the searcher with the best web pages to answer a query.

In practical terms – this means it is vital to have well written, relevant content on your web pages, and similarly well written and relevant content linking back to your website from Blogs, YouTube, Social Media and other well ranked websites.

This, along with the more technical elements of SEO such as use of meta tags, site maps and up to date code, will get you great results in moving you up the search results for your chosen keywords.


Voice Engine Optimisation (VEO)

Voice searches are the new boy on the search block, and getting more and more important by the day. We’re all using spoken searches on Siri, Alexa, Google Home and the like more and more, especially on our smart phones.

Over 20% of queries on Google are now voice searches, and it is expected that they will overtake typed searches by 2021.

So, neglecting the chance to get your website at the top of the Voice Search results can mean missing a significant number of enquiries or orders.

Small Changes – Big Results

The SEO work you do for organic search is still important, but the triggers for written results are not all the same as for voice search results. In other words, getting top of the page for Google results doesn’t mean best results for a voice search.

There are a small number of other things that need to be done – mostly with your written content – and keeping on top of this will ensure you don’t miss out on a growing number of search enquiries.

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