Why does my business need a website?

Once your business has its own website, it will have a prominent advertising space, available 24/7, 365 days a year for potential customers to visit. And with annual running costs of as little as £50, a website is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business.

A website address is also far easier to remember than a telephone number – so if potential customers see your website address on the side of a van, or on a shop front, it will enable them to easily remember where they can find out more. So if your business is expanding, or if it faces considerable competition and you want to give it the edge over your competitors, then now is the time to consider that “presence on the web”.

Consider a small, handmade card business. Before long, things might start to take off, and there will be many of your cards going to a variety of people. And if they like your cards, they’ll want to send them to their friends and relatives too. Having your website printed on the back of your cards will make it possible for recipients of your cards to easily check out more of your designs, and even place an order right there and then. Don’t miss out on these potential customers. Or perhaps you run a bed and breakfast establishment or guest house – with so many places to choose from, people like to see as much as they can about any prospective accommodation. The listings on tourist board websites are an excellent way of doing this, but not all B&Bs will have a link to their own site. Don’t let your business miss out.

As you can see from these examples, a website could be of great benefit to a range of businesses. By being both a permanent and cost effective advertising space for your company, as well as being easily memorable and accessible to your customers, a website could soon be making a difference to your business. Check out our portfolio pages for examples of our website design in Horsham and throughout the UK.

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